Saturday, January 12, 2013

Take a Hike:  Sunday, January 13


Walking the Line, to Great Hill

By John Nye Cullity

For our mid-winter walk this coming Sunday, the Sandwich Conservation Trust will re-visit an old favorite – the trek along the Barnstable-Sandwich town line.  The walk begins at the Service Road, about half a mile east of Exit 4, and goes in a straight line to 230 foot Great Hill.  Here we find the closest thing we have to a dramatic crest on Cape Cod, with a nice view towards Nantucket Sound. 

The setting is dry pine-oak habitat, livened up by hills and valleys as we make our way to the top.  The land to the left is the 1200 acre West Barnstable Conservation Area, and to our right is a long strip of private land that is held in a conservation restriction, but through the generosity of the landowners the public is allowed to pass.  Other features include a sizable boulder near the top of the hill, and off in the woods a bit, the rusted remains of an old car.  We like to challenge hikers who haven’t been on this walk before to try to guess the make of the car.  Winners will have their picture taken with the wreck and an SCT trustee.  What more could you ask for?

The walk will begin at 2 PM and will last 45 minutes or so.  There are some steep slopes and loose stones, and the hike will not be held if it is raining.  There is no charge.  Call me at (508) 888-7629 if you have questions.

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