Saturday, April 9, 2016

Take a Hike - Sandy Neck

Take a Hike

Sandy Neck

Dune art.

by John N. Cullity

     This coming Sunday, April 10th, at 2 PM, the Sandwich Conservation Trust will sponsor a guided walk at Sandy Neck, in the part that lies in Sandwich.

     Sandy Neck is a fascinating and unique Cape Cod landscape – a windswept place, where a surprising number of plants and animals eke out a living in the salt air and white sand.  We tend to associate Sandy Neck with the Town of Barnstable - many don’t realize that the Town of Sandwich owns 27 acres west of the gatehouse, purchased by town meeting vote in 1971.

     The access to this preserve is through Barnstable land, and figuring out where to park can be a challenge.  Currently there are several spots near the gatehouse marked “Hiking Only”, and these can be used.  For our upcoming walk, however, we will meet in the upper level of the main parking lot at 2 PM.  We will walk to the gate house, cross Barnstable park land, pass through our 27 acres to the beach, and back to the parking lot.

     The walk should take somewhat less than an hour.  Be prepared to walk in soft sand, and be prepared for possible ticks.  Please note: we are allowing only 20 hikers due to the fragility of the environment and narrowness of the trail.  If you wish to participate, please call me at (508) 888-7629 to register for the walk.  The event will not take place if it rains.

     The Sandwich Conservation Trust is a non-profit organization that offers land preservation assistance and conservation-oriented programs to the public.  The SCT holds 217 acres in protection.

Last year's group.

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