Sunday, May 8, 2016

Special Appeal

Sandwich Conservation Trust – Special Appeal 
Osborne-Sherman Conservation Lands

Dear Members and Friends,

     Last year the SCT Board of Trustees decided to improve access to the Osborne – Sherman Conservation Lands, located off of Gully Lane, in the Spring Hill section of Sandwich. This was done to allow our mowing contractor a safer way to park, and of course, provide a modest parking area for visitors. After several months of design, permitting, and other preparation, the work was completed last December, resulting in the attractive entrance pictured above.
     This accomplishment led to thoughts about other improvements for this beautiful preserve – 2 acres of hillside field with a mowed path and a bench from which Cape Cod Bay can be viewed.  Our 2 acre field is partially surrounded by a much larger clearing, in private ownership, and we want to be sure our visitors don’t stray onto this property. We currently have split rail fencing at two of the corners, but we would like to add more fencing, especially on the south side.
     As beautiful as it is, this field has a serious problem with invasive or unwanted vegetation.  The problem species are bittersweet, multiflora rose, and poison ivy, which is a native plant, but not desirable in a publicly-used field.  We currently have the field mowed by tractor several times a year, but this is not adequate to eliminate the unwanted plants. Repeated close mowing as required turns out to be a practical, non-toxic approach to accomplishing our goals. As parts of the field become free of invasive plants, they can be allowed to grow to benefit wildlife.
     The SCT is asking for your financial help with these projects. We are seeking at least $3000 to install fencing and fund the mowing.  To jump-start the effort, one of our sponsors has offered $250 as soon as that amount has been received from other donors. Your donation will be tax-deductible – the SCT is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.  Though we welcome your help at any time, this specific fundraising effort will end May 31st, with the fencing work scheduled for early June.
     The SCT received this preserve as a bequest from Constance S. Crowell (1931-2006).  She and her husband Edward Crowell acquired 26 acres here in 1969 and developed stables, pasture and other facilities for horses, and named the property “The Mowings”.  Connie dearly loved The Mowings, and we are so grateful to her for leaving these beautiful 2 acres to the Sandwich Conservation Trust for preservation, wildlife habitat and public enjoyment.  She chose to name the preserve using the last names of her two grandfathers:  Osborne and Sherman.
      Please help us honor Connie Crowell by helping us fund improvements to the Osborne-Sherman Conservation Lands, and please do visit the preserve.
     Thank You.

                                                                                                            John N. Cullity
Mailing Address:
Sandwich Conservation Trust
P.O. Box 531
E. Sandwich, MA  02537


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