Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Message from the President

Sandwich Conservation Trust

A Message from the President, John Nye Cullity

     May I begin by wishing you a wonderful holiday season, with safe travel, family fun, good food, warmth, generosity, and who knows, maybe a walk in a nearby conservation area!  With the leaves down, and perhaps a bit of snow cover, the forest is more open.  We can see “the lay of the land” and the beauty of winter woods.

     I am also writing to explain that the 2019 SCT newsletter will again be mailed in January.  This is due primarily to a death in my family, and the duties and responsibilities that come at such a time.  Perhaps you would appreciate this story:

     My mother, Rosanna Cullity, packed all kinds of interests and activities into her 99 years, including a lot of involvement in preservation projects.  Her first was the ancient Benjamin Nye Homestead, which was slated to be demolished in 1958.  She decided that she couldn’t let that happen, and in true “spark plug” style contacted Nye family descendants and anyone else who could help. The Nye Family Association was re-activated and by 1959 it was determined that the old home would be preserved as a museum.

     As a boy, this made a deep impression on me, that something of beauty and interest could be lost, but if people worked together there was a chance that some form of preservation could be achieved.  My mother’s accomplishment with the Nye Homestead was the direct inspiration for me to become involved in preserving land for habitat, water quality, recreation and visual beauty.  I found committees to join, town meetings to attend, and yes, a non-profit organization to start, with help from a handful of devoted enthusiasts.

     All over Cape Cod there have been many devoted, enthusiastic people who saw the threat to the rural landscape, and did something about it.  They joined committees and formed land trusts.  The collective achievement is remarkable, with thousands of acres of beautiful, diverse Cape Cod land preserved for wildlife and humans alike.  Cape Cod is a national leader in conservation land preservation!

     The Sandwich Conservation Trust welcomes your help and enthusiasm, and I will take this email opportunity to encourage your participation.  Renew or start your membership, get to know us and find out other ways you can help preserve land in Sandwich.  Though the SCT dues envelope will appear with the newsletter in January, you can pay dues or contribute to our Land Maintenance Fund before the end of this year and take advantage of a charitable deduction at tax time.

  Thanks again for your interest and support of the SCT and of land preservation in Sandwich.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Annual Meeting

Thank you Larry Dapsis for educating us on the topic of ticks and how to protect ourselves!  We were happy to see so many members at the SCT Annual Meeting and welcome our new members.

Watch videos that Larry, Barnstable County Entomologist, has created to educate us about ticks.  The "Tickolgy" series contains 10 videos.  The following link provides a summary of the topic and links to YouTube videos.


SCT President John Cullity updates us regarding the accomplishment's of the Trust for 2019.

Larry Dapsis, Barnstable County Entomologist,
was the featured speaker and educated us on ticks

Larry Dapsis, speaking at the SCT Annual meeting

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Osborne-Sherman Property

Fall colors are in full bloom, so it's the perfect opportunity to visit the Osborne-Sherman property on Gully Lane!

Many thanks to Joe, Bob, Debbie and Cliff for helping with the clean-up of this SCT property a few weeks back.  With the assistance of some power tools (thank goodness), they were able to open up the entrance to the property, making it much more inviting.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

SCT Annual Meeting

SCT Annual Meeting

2 p.m. Sunday, November 3, 2019

Lakefield Farms Clubhouse
21 Great Hill Rd., South Sandwich

The Sandwich Conservation Trust will hold its annual meeting at 2 p.m. Sunday, November 3 at the Lakefield Farms Clubhouse, 21 Great Hill Rd., S. Sandwich.  A brief meeting will include the election of trustees.

Immediately following the business meeting, Larry Dapsis,  County Entomologist and Tick Project Coordinator of the Barnstable County Extension Service will present on the area's ticks with the mission that tick-borne diseases are preventable.  He uses slides and humor to bring home important points.  The talk serves as a resource for "accurate, unbiased information on pest management and on the prevention and education of tick-borne illnesses."  Following his presentation, Mr. Dapsis will be available to answer questions from the audience.

The program is open to the public for free but the SCT will gratefully accept donations to defray costs.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Trimming at Toolas

SCT Trustees Deb and Steve, along with Sally (Steve's wife) recently spent some quality time trimming brush from the trails at the Toolas Preserve.  Thank you all!

Trimming by the memorial bench for Bob Sprague.  What a wonderful spot to take in the view!
Steve and Deb trimming at Toolas.
Steve and Deb trimming at Toolas.

SandwichFest is a Wrap

SandwichFest 2019 is a wrap. If you stopped in, thank you. We enjoyed speaking with those individuals who visited with us. Of special note was a visit from Joy Carleton, who donated a parcel of land to the SCT in 2016. Thank you Joy!

Joy Carleton, SCT land donor

SCT booth at SandwichFest

(L) Joe answering questions.
(R)John and Steve reviewing the SCT property map.  

John, Steve, Bob, Joe and Nancy manning the booth. 

John and Steve talking with visitors about trails in Maple Swamp.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

SandwichFest 2019

We will have a tent at SandwichFest for the 3rd year in a row!  Stop by and say hi to the SCT, while you stroll Water St.  


     Saturday, June 29
    10 a.m. to 4 p.m. - rain or shine
    Water St., Sandwich

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

SCT Newsletter

Click on the link below to see what we have been up to this last year. Members receive the newsletter as a mailing, so if you would like your own copy, please consider joining the SCT.

A 2019 dues reminder is included. Perhaps you can add extra to boost our Land Maintenance Fund, which enables us to hire help when needed to keep our trails in good condition. If, however, you are one of those thoughtful folks who automatically sent us a check in November or December 2018, that will count as your 2019 dues.