Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Osborne-Sherman Vegetative Control, November 2020

Osborne-Sherman Vegetative Control

A vegetative control project at the Osborne-Sherman property on Gully Lane was made possible with the major assistance of AmeriCorps Cape Cod Supervisor for the Upper Cape, Dan Flockton, and his able assistants, Alaina, Ally, Mattea and Nicole.  Rather than being overwhelmed at the sight of our "jungle," these four young women, and Dan, dove right into the Rosa rugosa briars, tackled sumac and brought the bittersweet into submission, in their efforts to clear both sides of the northern fence line.  They had an excellent work ethic and proficiency in using hand tools and power equipment to accomplish their goals.

Thank you to AmeriCorps Cape Cod for helping to improve an SCT property!

Overgrown fence

Property in need of vegetative control

Assessing the work

Tackling the fence

Finished product!

AmeriCorps Cape Cod team